Giving Back (Unapologetically Naija Fund)



I am excited to introduce the Unapologetically Naija Collection and the Unapologetically Naija Fund to support Nigerian-based Mental Health Organizations doing incredible work in my homeland. This is URGENT business.                        -Abbey Johnson, Founder LWA


Live Without Apologies’ Unapologetically Naija Fund is HERE! Proceeds will benefit Nigerian-based organizations doing incredible work in the Mental Health field.

  • Beginning June 1, 2022, 3% of All Live Without Apologies (LWA) sales will benefit the Unapologetically Naija Fund. 
  • Applications for the fund open December 2022.

Why are we doing this?

As our Founder, Abbey Johnson has stressed, LWA was never just about selling T-shirts. LWA is also a lifestyle, education, storytelling and advocacy community working hard to raise awareness and sound the alarm about the current “epidemic within a pandemic”—the mental health crisis globally! 

As a first-generation Nigerian-American, Abbey is deeply passionate about the mental health crisis in her homeland. This is URGENT business. Any support that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Let’s be love & light. We ALL have a little Naija in Us.

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