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In Episode 15 of the Hope Matrix, Kathryn and Abbey discuss how life experiences, such as breakups, loss of identify, new jobs, and the pandemic can impact both hope levels and your hope journey. Abbey shares how navigating the intersectionalities of her own identity, including race and gender (as a Black Woman), culture (Nigerian-American), generational stereotypes & lived experience (Millennial), and personality (self-proclaimed introvert), helped her to return to a hopeful mindset. 

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Jared and Abbey sit down and talk mental health, family, friends, community, faith, God; and the ups and downs of starting a business. 

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Abbey joins the Anti-Suicide and Depression Squad (ASADS) Mental Health Stakeholders Panel featuring local and foreign advocates to discuss innovative global mental health strategies, policies and opportunities for partnership and collaboration. 

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In this episode of the Black Mental Health Matters Show, Dr. Unati and Abbey unpack the challenges of discussing mental health at home. Abbey describes her own cultural experience as a Nigerian-American and offers suggestions to start the conversation with family. The two also discuss economic, societal and political factors that influence mental health; what’s working and not working in the current mental health care system, and broad strategies for improvement. 

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Abbey joins Live It Out Inc host, Janice, to discuss the origins of Live Without Apologies, her own mental health journey, healing, discovering your purpose and how to live your BEST life. 

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On the She Recovers Blog, Abbey shares her personal journey of rediscovering her voice and reclaiming her narrative through community after battling imposter syndrome at work, overcoming depression and anxiety, and navigating the societal stressors of gender and race. 

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