Our Community


Live Without Apologies (LWA) is more than an apparel brand—it's a movement! Founded in 2021, LWA is a lifestyle and storytelling community designed to inspire you to live life unapologetically in every area and aspect of life (e.g. Personally, Professionally, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Financially, Environmentally).


You belong. LWA is an inclusive community. We're rooting for EVERYBODY, but most especially we're rooting for:

  • Every BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) 
  • Every under-resourced community
  • Every marginalized & misunderstood community ( e.g. LGBTQIA + AAPI + Muslim + AIAN) 
  • Any Human whose story remains untold  

Global (Impact)

As of June 1, 2022, 3% of all LWA merch sold will benefit the Unapologetically Naija Fund to support Nigerian-based organizations doing incredible work in the mental health field.