Our Story

Hi! If you’re new to the Live Without Apologies (LWA) community, welcome! I’m Abbey, the Founder of LWA. I'm a Coach, Mental Health Advocate, a passionate public servant, a proud Nigerian-American and so much more! I created LWA to disrupt the status quo and inspire YOU to live life unapologetically on YOUR terms without judgement or validation from others.   

How it Started...

LWA was inspired by my own personal journey of self-discovery. As a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, I realized I was operating from a warped definition of success, a constant state of seeking validation and making decisions based on what I perceived others wanted me to do. 

After a period of soul-searching, I'm living unapologetically by allowing myself to be vulnerable, owning my truth and sharing my storyI've battled imposter syndrome at work, overcome depression and anxiety and I'm navigating the societal stressors of gender, race and culture as a Black, Nigerian-American woman. 

I'm learning to embrace my story and all of the intersectionalities of my identity that make me who I am, unapologetically. I hope you will join me on this journey!  

Let's Grow this Community Together

How are you living unapologetically? Let's grow and build this community together! It's time to take your power back and walk in authenticity. Follow your true self and keep moving in love and light. Live life unapologetically on your terms; and if your unintentionally offend —apologize. Ready, Set, Go!