He Deserves Flowers Too: Celebrating Men's Health Month

He Deserves Flowers Too: Celebrating Men's Health Month

June is Men's Health Month and we're sharing the love just as we did in March for the women by uplifting stories from men of the Unapologetic Tribe. Let’s give it up for the men! They've got a few hot takes (including a poem) on self-love, self-compassion, celebrating Pride and mental health. They deserve flowers too. Read on to be inspired. 

James: Authentic Self-Love

I’ll stand alone before I apologize for being my authentic self. Living unapologetically can be challenging at times for some but trust me the journey is worth it. You’ve got this, find yours.

Living unapologetically to me means being comfortable with ALL the parts that make me who I am. Not only is it about acknowledging the strengths, skills and talents that I have to offer, but it’s also about being kind and compassionate with myself when I’m coming up against my own fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities too.




Gregory: Pride in Identity

Living unapologetically means being our authentic selves and existing unencumbered in all of our intersectionalities as Black, gay men of Haitian and Ghanaian decent.


Jacob: Self-Compassion

I recently became vegan and quickly found myself living a lifestyle different from the overwhelming majority of those in my community. As I educated myself, I was shocked, devastated, and depressed by the sizeable contribution of animal agriculture to the urgent planetary crises of environmental degradation and climate change. I was appalled by the large-scale environmental and occupational injustices from animal agriculture, and the population health problems attributable to animal product consumption. Veganism is a choice that I made for myself. It aligns my choices with my values, and it is also daily activism. However, I quickly found that my new lifestyle was not a largely popular one.
Living unapologetically for me is about unveiling my authentic being, steeped in self-compassion with others. It’s about letting go of the fear that I might offend or disappoint or be judged by others (and myself). Maybe the pains that come with being unapologetically me are really freedom because, as Anaïs Nin said, “and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Maybe the universe is so good to us that no matter what. There will always be someone out there who understands and who truly cares, and we must unapologetically be that person for ourselves and for someone else.

Jon:  Anxiety 

I get overwhelmed In a spell 
of frustration 
Will I make it to my desired destination?
Will I make the right decision in the situation?
Am I ready?
or, is time a wasting?
I know,
It’s alright
Have some patience
It’s okay and
You’re just worrying too much
I’m afraid, I’m unsure, I’m dying and such
Doing too much
I understand you don’t understand 
You don’t have the measure of the pressure 
That I put on myself
You want to help
Just listen
Pay attention 
Be the soul I connect with peace
Be the smile I need for relief 
Tell me something new
Something I never knew
Anything will do
Doesn’t matter if it’s true
Because I want to believe 
Everything will be okay
When you say it
And when you tell me your dreams
I start to believe mine too
I’m no different than you
Its just sometimes it scares me
More than you


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*Stories are lightly edited for length and clarity

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