Origin Story


Welcome to the Unapologetic Tribe! I'm Abbey. I am a child of God, a daughter, sister, friend, Naija, a Mental Health Advocate, passionate public servant and so much more! I am an Unapologetic Coach by day and a Public Health Professional and Servant Leader at all times.

Why Live Without Apologies?

I had the idea for Live Without Apologies for over five years, however perfection paralysis prevented me from acting on it. Everything changed in October 2020. I quit my dream job after battling depression, anxiety and feeling a lost sense of identity.

I realized I was operating from a warped definition of success, a constant state of seeking validation—making decisions based on what I perceived others wanted me to do.

Quitting was my freedom. When I quit, I was ashamed and I felt guilty, but I gave myself grace to step into the uncertainty of not knowing what came next. I was unemployed for four months.

That period of stillness, reflection and listening to God allowed me to rest, recenter and rediscover my own voice, passions and aspirations. With that said, Live Without Apologies was birthed!

The Mission

Live Without Apologies is more than a t-shirt brand. We promote a mindset shift. We are a lifestyle/education/advocacy brand that is working hard to encourage everyone to live life unapologetically, AND we are also super passionate about raising awareness about the current “epidemic within a pandemic”—the mental health crisis globally!

This is URGENT business. Between the pandemic, the reckoning on race, and just trying to do life and hold it all together—we are ALL TRAUMATIZED. 

We need to talk about this! We need action-oriented solutions to address the mental health crisis in America. It isn’t specific to one population (youth, workers, new moms etc.) Although, admittedly Black & Brown communities suffer disproportionately. It isn’t up to one sector. Therapy and treatment alone won’t fix this. We need a coordinated multi-sector approach. We need everyone working together (the media, business, education, health, housing, economic development, the criminal justice system etc. 

Let's Build This Community Together!

Let's grow and build this healing community together! Let's take our power back and walk in authenticity. No more feeling guilty about our "failures". No more hiding our beautiful scars. Follow your true self and keep moving in love and light--ALWAYS; no negativity. Ready, Set, Go!